Welcome to the 2015 Conference on Canadian Stewardship & Recycling Council of Alberta Waste Reduction Conference! The conference was held September 30 – October 2, 2015 at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Adam Minter

Author of Junkyard Planet

Adam Minter's perspective on the global flow of recyclable materials that are collected, processed, and sold from Canada and the USA is truly revealing. He grew up in a family of scrap dealers in Minneapolis. He became a professional journalist and now serves as a columnist for Bloomberg View. For the last decade, he has divided his time between North America, China, and Malaysia. Adam joins us from his home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Junkyard Planet is is first book - click here to learn more about the book.

Ralph Torrie

Torrie Smith Associates Inc.

Ralph Torrie is an energy systems expert and entrepreneur who helps his clients identify opportunities in the current global energy transition. He developed the conventions that are now used throughout the world for local government greenhouse gas strategies, including for the quantification of the GHG benefits of waste reduction and recycling. He is the co-inventor of environmental planning software that has been translated into several languages and used throughout the world, and he was the author of Canada’s first low carbon scenario analysis – the first such analysis done anywhere. He has served as the Assistant Coordinator of the Energy Research Group of the United Nations University and the International Development Research Centre, Vice President of ICF International, Managing Director of Navigant Consulting, and Managing Director of the Trottier Energy Futures Project. Ralph is sought after as a speaker and thought leader, serves on the boards of several organizations, and is an individual recipient of the Canadian Environment Silver Award for his work on climate change.
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