Wayne Elias

Wayne Elias is the Operations Manager at United Concrete & Gravel Ltd in Quesnel, BC. He started his career working for a large ready mix producer in the lower mainland for 20 years. After that, he worked in the cement industry for 10 years and that is how he developed a relationship with the owners of United Concrete. Wayne watched them develop this process of making sandblasting abrasive from recycled glass and he was taken by their determination and working through challenges that were continually thrown at them, but sheer tenacity kept them determined to succeed. After they had struggled with it for a few years with limited success, they needed some help with a marketing strategy and that is when they worked out a plan for Wayne to join in. Since then, they experienced extremely strong growth in the business as the product they produce is widely favored in the industry for cost as well as health & safety. They now have expanded their glass recycling to include a recycling facility in Abbotsford, BC, where they produce approximately 50,000 tonnes annually of furnace-ready glass for the bottle manufacturing industry from the beverage deposit system in BC. It is a perfect recycling story where the glass just keeps going back to glass, ongoing.

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