30 exhibitors will be accepted for the main Exhibit Hall. Additional smaller exhibits (table-top only, no draping) are available in the foyer.
View the floor plan here.

Costs for an exhibit booth are:

  • $1050 + taxes for RCA members; includes 1 full conference registration and meals ($550 value), subsequent registrations $500 for all venues and meals
  • $1150 + taxes for non-RCA members; includes 1 full conference registration and meals, subsequent registrations $500 for all venues and meals
  • Additional requirements (furnishings, electrical, signage, shipping, set-up) are available through our convention services supplier, details and prices will be available in the Exhibitors Kit

Each 8′ x 8′ draped display booth in the Exhibit Hall includes 8′ high backwall drape, 3′ high sidewall drape, one skirted table (choose from a 4′ or 6′ long table – see page 6 in the Exhibitor Manual) and 2 chairs. Foyer exhibits are 8′ wide by 6′ deep, and will not have any backwall or sidewall draping. Shipping / receiving, electrical, and other requirements need to be arranged with the Banff Spring’s exclusive Show Services Contractor and Logistics and Customs Provider, GES Exposition Services. Download GES’s Exhibitor Manual for further details and prices.

2015 Exhibitors List:

  • AET Group Inc.
  • Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
  • Alberta Recycling Management Authority
  • Alberta Used Oil Management Association
  • Busch Systems International Inc.
  • Calibre Environmental Ltd.
  • Canada Fibers / Urban Polymers
  • Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance
  • Cascades Recovery Inc.
  • City of Edmonton
  • DBS Environmental
  • Éco Entreprises Québec
  • Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence
  • Electronic Products Recycling Association
  • Electronic Recycling Association
  • Emterra Group
  • EnviroSORT Inc.
  • Ermeltek International Services Inc.
  • GEEP Alberta Inc.
  • GFL Environmental Inc.
  • Haul-All Equipment
  • Hughes Environmental Services Ltd.
  • K&K Recycling Services
  • Kernic Systems
  • Machinex Recycling Services
  • Modulo Beton
  • Molok North America Ltd.
  • Peninsula Plastics Ltd.
  • PragmaTech
  • Product Care
  • Progressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc.
  • Re-TRAC Connect
  • Recycle Systems
  • Recycling Product News
  • Rehrig Pacific Company
  • Sierra International Machinery LLC
  • Superior Truck Equipment Inc
  • SWANA Northern Lights
  • Trex Company, Inc.
  • Universal Handling Equipment Company (Red Deer) Limited
  • Viessmann Group / BIOFerm Energy Systems
  • VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp.
  • Vulcan On-Board Scales
  • Wastequip / Toter
  • Wavor Wire

The Exhibitors are also listed on the mobile app.