Herman Huisman

Herman Huisman is senior advisor / expert and coordinator international projects of RWS Environment’s department. The waste management department is the competent authority responsible for monitoring of all waste streams, executing subsidy schemes, policy advisor for State Government and providing information to local government and private companies.

An environmental biologist by training, Herman began his career at the Scientific Council for Government Policy, a think tank of the Prime Minister in the Netherlands. After seven years, he was assigned to build up the Commission on Environmental Impact Assessment.

In 1991, Herman was asked to set up the Bureau of the Waste Management Council, which served as a political platform for consultation and coordination between the National, Provincial, and Municipal authorities on waste management in the Netherlands. In 2001, he was appointed as the executive secretary of the Council and managing director of the Bureau.

In 2005, the Bureau merged with NL Agency, an Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2013, the Environment Division of NL Agency was transferred to RWS, an Agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

In his position of international coordinator, he is/was involved in projects in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Macedonia, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, South Africa, UAE, and was invited as speaker to many International Conferences.

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