Jessie Kwasny

Jessie is the Waste Diversion / Recycling Coordinator at the University of Alberta. Her responsibilities include the planning and implementation of the waste diversion / recycling program, identifying annual targets for diversion rates and developing strategies to meet these targets. Jessie analyzes current operations, provides recommendations and feedback on expanding the delivery of services and is responsible for researching best practices for waste diversion / recycling and solid waste procedures. Jessie also oversees and administers training to internal and contracted staff members on the correct procedures related to waste diversion / recycling at the U of A, and plays an integral part in the coordination and support of the U of A team carrying out the BOMA BESt building certification program.

Previous to working at the U of A, Jessie worked in the waste management industry for two years with a specific focus on waste diversion for institutions and municipalities.

Jessie enjoys gardening, running, hiking, camping, dancing and has always been keen on environmental sustainability.

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