Neil Hastie

Neil Hastie has been named the Development Director and spokesperson for StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. and he is leading the latest stewardship organization to enter into the British Columbia EPR market. Neil’s role is to help in the development and implementation of the proposed recycling plan which may begin as early as 2016. StewardChoice will, in the most cost-effective way, support producers who are obligated under the BC Recycling Regulation to recover at least 75% of their packaging and printed paper materials they place onto the BC market.   Neil will also be looking for new opportunities to work with recycling service companies to expand areas of service in BC. He will play a significant role engaging with recycling organizations, municipalities and NGOs to find solutions to enhance the recovery of recyclable material in BC.

Prior to joining StewardChoice, Neil was the President and CEO of Encorp Pacific (1998-2013), a BC-based Product Stewardship Corporation.

For more information, please visit or contact Neil directly at or 604.360.8870.

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