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Workshop: Leverage EPR Reporting Data to Track Corporate Sustainability Success

A workshop on the myriad of corporate reporting needs today, including SASB, retailer, and sustainability reporting, and how companies can utilize the same EPR fee reporting data to meet these growing requirements in an automated, centralized manner to reduce their administrative costs, lower compliance risks, integrate EPR fees into the cost of goods, and boost their CSR profile. Led by Victor Bell, president of Environmental Packaging International (EPI).

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Banff Springs 9-Hole Golf Tournament

Renowned for its panoramic beauty, the Banff Springs Golf Course is situated in Banff National Park, a mile high in the Canadian Rockies. With a breathtaking view in every direction, it is a captivating and challenging course. Amateurs and professionals alike are constantly amazed by its sense of difficulty. The optical illusions created by the mountains towering overhead can deceive the eye of even the most skilled player. Our 9-hole tournament will be played on the Tunnel Nine course, shotgun start.
Dress code enforced.

If you want to experience the full Stanley Thompson Course, why not arrive early and book 18 holes on Tuesday, Sept 29? Tee times can be booked by calling 403.762.6801 or book online at

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Tour: Banff Recycling Program & Organics Processing Operation / Canmore MRF

Banff N-Viro Organics Processing Facility (biosolids and food waste) and Canmore MRF

The N-Viro processing facility at Banff’s wastewater treatment plant processes cement dust, dewatered biosolids, and organic food waste to produce Banff N-Rich fertilizer.
Canmore’s new Waste Management Centre opened in April 2014 and includes a Materials Recycling Facility and waste transfer operation.

Download the Tour Info Sheet (pdf file).

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